I'm a front end engineer with a background in design, over a decade of work experience, a minimalist aesthetic, and a deep concern for performance and accessibility.

I’ve worked across industries, from Advertising to Finance. I’ve been through a near-billion dollar acquisition, built products millions have used, helped launch America’s newest stock exchange, was a founding member of a SaaS startup, and am now managing the Design Technology team for CartaX at Carta.

Pre-quarantine, you may have seen me on the G train, speed-solving my Rubik’s cube.

I specialize in user experience (UX) and developer experience (DX). My current passion stack is React, React Native, TypeScript, Jest, Testing Library, Theme-UI, and Gatsby. What truly sets my work apart is my deep understanding of CSS. I know when and how to use flexbox versus grid layouts, and truly understand the cascade. I’m particularly proud of Zephyr, the design system I created for Air. It’s built in TypeScript and includes cross-platform (web/iOS/Android) foundations and components.

I’ve had opportunities to speak about my development process, and hosted meetups and internal company teach-ins.

I learn everyday and have a passion for mentoring. I have experience with project management — writing tech specs, managing roadmaps, and delegating tasks. As a team leader, I keep a positive attitude to inspire my teammates to give their best efforts.

I care about purpose-driven work.

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